Monthly Message

“Finance,” said a vicar on the radio, “is like religion.” He described how financial experts have technical language like theologians, how they guide people through the mysterious world of finance like a priest might lead people spiritually. I can see what he meant.

One of the great things that Jesus did was to free people to worship. If there was a physical problem he healed them. If there was a cultural problem he taught that we are all God’s family. If there was a fault or a guiltiness he forgave. Where there were people that made holy living complicated, he was angry.

I think Jesus wanted and still wants people to be open to God. If we think about how many different ways there might be to find God it might tell us that God is searching for us, for our friendship, our love. We might not feel like we are wise or clever enough, even good enough but it seems that those things are not as important as we think. The question is are we open minded, open hearted to the Divine Being? Do we have a faith that is looking for something more? 

I hope that our churches avoid making faith too complex and, as we get ready for Christmas, I hope our finances are saved!

Revd Kevin Chandra