Monthly Message

“What’s your opinion?” It is a skill to be able to talk about our beliefs and views. It is an important ability to listen to other views too. We might want to know more, to ask about why they believe what they believe, maybe to ask what evidence they have. We might learn and change our opinions and that is fine if we have new evidence given to us. It shows maturity to be able to change our minds if we should.

Many children grow up hearing about religious and moral things from their parents and grandparents. They hear the views and opinions and they watch to see if the actions match. They watch their friends too. Do our actions show what we believe and what we say that we believe?

This month we will experience another general election and we might notice how difficult it is to find out what politicians really believe. Can we trust what they say? Do they live in a way that matches their policies?

In our churches we will pray for justice and peace, whoever wins the most votes. We will work for our communities so that life is as fair as possible and help people in their healing. The trouble is, our Saviour did not specify which things to do first and so in our churches you will find people with a wide range of political views. I imagine that it would be the same in every gathering of people.

What we do know is that we are created so that we could all live and have life to the full. So we will carry on volunteering, visiting and working alongside anybody who wants to help and with anyone who needs our help. Hopefully, we are putting our beliefs into action.

With blessings, Revd Kevin Chandra