Monthly Message

I would like to make the following predictions: Some of us will struggle in 2019 and some of us will have good surprises happen. Somebody will go on a journey… It is said that the best weather forecast is simply to say that tomorrow will have the same weather that we had today; it is right 2/3 to ¾ of the time. If you get the forecast wrong you might be inconvenienced by the cold or heat or wet but there are more costly risks in other predictions.

Who knows what the current politics will lead to? What will happen to our wages or our house prices, our children or even us in ten or twenty years’ time?

Such uncertainty can lead to worry and fear. Not knowing can make us hesitant and defensive. How can we stay confident and certain when we cannot see ahead? What could happen to us and our loved ones if we take the wrong paths in life and who is going to take charge?

Good preparation can go a long way to defending ourselves. Being able to spot the opportunities when they come and, having the strength and confidence to take those chances give us resilience and defiance. We will not let life simply happen, we will take part, we will steer and create.

My favourite teaching of Jesus “I have come that you might have life and life to the full” can be unwrapped as a rebuke against the way that politics, life and even religion can tie us up. Jesus does not want to tie us up even more. He gives a reminder that God creates and has given us the tools to continue that creation, to live, if only we have the inspiration.

I hope that you find your inspiration, that you find a calling, a personal aim that you can work towards. Celebrate your commitment and purpose and if you manage to succeed enjoy that as well.

Blessings upon you for this new year, Revd Kevin Chandra