Monthly Message

Blessed are the embarrassed, for they shall… It is said that British people would rather say nothing than cause a fuss. I think we have all been in those situations. I am taking a course that has been teaching me to be more aware of myself. Rather than become defensive, hiding or burying my reactions in order to avoid conflict or awkwardness, I have been sensing where I am. Awareness of how I am feeling and putting that into words, gives me a chance to see my reactions and act more wisely. I am sure you have all noticed!

When Adam and Eve became self-aware, they were embarrassed at being naked and hid. Where they were happy and innocent before, in disobeying God they became ashamed. We judge ourselves in so many ways in these modern times so it is reassuring to know that thousands of years ago, the writer of Genesis recognised that same self-judging, the shame and then hiding that happens with us humans.

When we react to those accidental bumps, the teases or offensive behaviour, are we being polite or are we allowing someone to get away with rudeness? If we have been taught at an early age to be considerate, when do we healthily think about ourselves?

Jesus was very aware of himself and those around him. He recognised what was needed and acted accordingly. To those who argued teachings, he gave an inspired new angle to help them think again. To those who needed help, he brought healing. To those who were judged and outcast, he gave forgiveness and reconciliation. These things are signs that God loves us just as we are. If we imagine God standing alongside us, we may feel embarrassed but that warm embrace, that hug, the knowledge that Jesus came to us to show us love, can make that feeling melt away. … for they shall be loved, just as they are?

Peace be with you,

Revd KC