Monthly Message

Children often cannot wait to grow up, to get taller, to be more adult. For many adults, the opposite might be true, wishing they were able to try things again differently, to enjoy what they had when they had it, to be younger.

Our mental age can sometimes vary wildly from our actual age. I often joke about being a bit of a teenager mentally, that most men are quite young at heart. To be nice,that phrase might mean still being in touch with our childhood and fun side but if we were being negative we might mean it as being immature, not responsible enough.

The emotional maturity we show, the ability to recognise our own feelings,is another indication. We should neither suppress them nor let them rampage as one causes damage to ourselves and then others, the other damages others and then ourselves. Our British culture can sometimes be very judging about shows of emotion. How then do we learn, how do we mature emotionally?

Spiritually too we might find that we are mature or immature. Have we taken enough time to allow our souls to reflect on our lives? This is another kind of growing up and it helps us to see consequences beyond ourselves, beyond even our local communities. To be able to judge between right and wrong is part of that, to be able to control ourselves, to guide others, to have wisdom, to know our place in the universe, these are all part of spiritual maturity.

I hope to enjoy the fun moments of life with all the energy of children. I also hope to be calm and clear- headed in the challenges of life. My faith helps and mixing with people of different views gives me chances to listen and learn and to share. Reading something inspiring and informative feeds my thinking and judgement.

I think we are all looking for a healthy balance. Perhaps knowing how to keep that balance is part of the secret of being a grown-up too.

With blessings, Revd Kevin Chandra