Monthly Message

It has become quite trendy to find our own spiritual path. During the lockdowns many have rediscovered the blessings of walking, music and hobbies. I have encouraged people to explore ways to find something that will inspire, move and challenge. I suggest things like thankfulness at meals and forgiveness of self and others. I talk about Jesus and his ministry, how he met people where they were and then, like a shaft of light, would bring them to new way forward. If they had the faith, they would find life again, be healed, be forgiven.

The thing is that we forget that it takes time and practice. Modern times make us think that we can just take something up and become instantly better. Even matters of faith seem easy, overlooking the need for discipline and practised thought.

Jesus himself knew the Scriptures. His mother would have taught him the traditions of their Jewish faith and he would over the years, have learned the well-loved texts; the Psalms, commandments, prophesies and history. Jesus went to the local synagogue. It would have been the normal thing to do on the Friday and then the Sabbath rest on the Saturday. All of the Jewish communities would have done the same and it would have identified them and given a little protest to all the other cultures. Jesus went to the Temple in Jerusalem. The great festivals would have been huge events throughout the year and families and friends would meet and catch up as Jews from all over would gather.

While faith is something that can be ignited by a flash of inspiration, an Epiphany, there are many who will testify that faith works steadily through our daily and weekly practise. Even Jesus got up early and spent time with God the Father. So as we once again launch into the season of Lent, I encourage you to take something up as a practice to build your faith and inform your soul. But also, to be fully human, step back from life for a few minutes and practise being yourself maybe trusting in and listening to the Creator who is always with you.

Keep it up,

Revd KC