Monthly Message

In our Remembrance Day events, many film clips and reminders will be shown and shared. There is something important about the personal touch. Remembering places those from the past into our present. I recently talked to someone who was able to visit the very historic country of Egypt and sent in a wonderful summary of her trip:

“The Magic of the Nile :The cruise up the Nile from Luxor to Aswan was as magical as the brochure promises. Each day there was new wonderment and surprise. We explored temples to the many Kings & Gods, each unique, some dating from 2000 BC. Some purely Egyptian some Roman & Greek in the Egyptian style with their own added extras in style & content and some added to by the early Christians. It was quite disconcerting to see the ‘Last Supper’ adjoining dedications to the Gods Horus & Ra. I was very impressed by the Temple of Ramses II in the Valley of the Kings. The whole Temple complex was of another world. In its desert habitation, this site of the ancient Kings & Gods was overwhelming. What a privilege to meet King Tutankhamen in the flesh as it were. What masters the ancient Egyptians were, and are. The construction of the Aswan Dam and the moving of all the vulnerable temples to their new homes on higher ground (and there were so many of them including Abu Simbel) block by block, piece by piece was a miracle of engineering. One would never have known without being told, that Abu Simbel hadn’t been there forever.”  My thanks go to Linda Pugsley for her memories.

The history of places should not be forgotten, the wars, the celebrations, the religions and the work of the people. The story of Egypt ranges from the depths of the Old Testament, through the time of Jesus and onwards through world wars to its present struggles.

Our own United Kingdom has had great times and troubled times too. Remembrance focuses our thinking on the cost of preserving the values and identities of British and Commonwealth history, the many hundreds of thousands of soldiers and servicemen and women who died. In the giving up of their lives, they won for us the chance to live ours, so that we can make our own future. Let us invest in the present, to work for that future which has been won for us at such a great price.

“Greater love has no-one than this; that they lay down their lives for their friends.” John ch.15 vs 13

Revd Kevin Chandra