Monthly Message

Decorations are back in the loft, garden has been tidied up a bit and spring cleaning is on the agenda. These are some of the winter tasks in preparation for spring growth. The last two years have been for many, like a wildfire burning down existing trees and even houses. The damage is offset by the chance for new growth. What grows up in their place?

In the Old Testament, the attacks by the great Assyrian armies and then the Babylonians seemed like the end of the world to the inhabitants of Israel and Judah. The prophets spoke of God’s judgement which would have been a familiar and terrifying message to the leaders and people. However there was also a hopeful message. The remnant would survive and be blessed. The remnant would not bow to idols of foreign gods. They would still be attacked but ultimately they would be gathered from the many places of exile and find home and be blessed.

Just like natural wildfires, stumps begin to grow again and new life is given a fresh start, no longer in the shade and no longer competing, at least for a while. It is no surprise that Jesus was referred to as growing from the “stump of Jesse.”

Last year we hoped that 2021 would be better and we seem to be thinking – if maybe not saying the same thing about 2022. What will be our stump of hope? Where are our shoots of growth? For me, I hope to marshal our volunteers to get our churches running. We will consider what worship should be like, how we minister and serve and what will be needed to challenge society and bring others to be more spiritual.

We are all going to need each other’s help but, it is what makes community, it is what makes church.

Bless you all, Revd KC