Monthly Message

Lent is approaching – I wonder how many of us are going to try giving up chocolate again. Why not accept this challenge: take a bit of time to think about things with us. There will be a group of people meeting for a light lunch in St. Michael’s Church on Fridays from 12 noon. Using the York Course, we often have some lively discussions and this year we will have some great topics to chew on.

We often think that it is down to the Church to introduce people to God but what if you have already been called and God is waiting for you to respond? When will be the right time? Should it be when you are baptised or confirmed? When you come to church or even on your death bed?

Another question is how do we answer the problem of all the bad things we see when we are told that God is all-loving and all-powerful? Can God really be like that and yet allow evil?

And if we are called, what do we do then? What is it that God asks of us? These are some of the things that we hope to discuss. Meet us at the church on Friday lunchtimes through Lent, starting March 8th (except April 5th when Bampton School have their Easter Service) to April 12th.

There is also a group that will meet each Friday evening with Jane Wilson, 17 Ashleigh Park. So do come along and swap thoughts and ideas.

If you would like to know more, please do call the Parish Office.

Best wishes and have a productive Lent, Revd KC