Monthly Message

Going back to London, where I grew up, it is startling how quick things are changing. Some things I recognise, the big old hospital, the gardens and the houses but the main junction has been paved over on one side and cars and buses have been squeezed through another route. I am sure that some people look at church in the same way. Some things are very familiar but other things have changed. It can take some getting used to.

Whether you are a newcomer, occasional or regular attender, the church should be a home to you. As many of the visitors say, it is a welcoming place, full of interest and history. It should also be a place of prayer and a place of life. Maybe when you visit during this season of Lent, you might find that some things have changed but that the heart of the Christian faith is still present, still recognisable.

We have a Friday lunch running through Lent this year with a discussion after each one and you are welcome to come along. We will also have our Easter services with the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. Each year Easter challenges our busy lives with the Good News of new life. It tells us that when we die we have another glorious life, a promised rest in God, if we trust in Jesus. The challenge then is, how should we live our lives now if we are promised peace in the next life?

I hope that you find a home in our church, that you see the familiar truth lived out. I hope that you are challenged by Easter and that you take time to think about how you live. Have a disciplined Lent and a peaceful Easter.

Best wishes, Revd KC