Monthly Message

Celebrations for Her Majesty the Queen arrive at the start of June and we are once again remembering the strengths of British culture and the monarch who has been a steadying presence for 70 years. Landmarks through past years will remind many of times gone by, both achievements and struggles. Just as many, if not more of the younger generations will be informed for the first time of the highs and lows of history and the path that has brought us to today.

The expectation is that younger folk will be eager to learn about the past and mostly they are but, there is a need to show them how it links to where they are today. It is a long time since I was young but I am aware that the struggle for identity in the 21st century is hard. Young people question the things that older generations accept as normal. The way women and men interact, the opportunities given to ethnic groups, what belonging to a nation means, surviving economically and of course attitudes to sex and gender are all pushed against, examined as to whether they are useful or out of date.

All of that said, when Prince Philip died, it was clear that the smaller scale ceremonies and personal yet dignified grief gave a powerful link for nearly everyone but especially to those who had lost and grieved through lockdown. The sympathy was there for Her Majesty the Queen, even if the understanding of her position and office is less present.

How the Church shows its worship and service was explored in a short course studied during Lent called Life on the Frontline designed by London Institute for Contemporary Christianity. We have the chance every day to meet people, live out our Christian faith and make relevant links to ordinary life. Faith has extraordinary events but the right to share the experiences is only won in the day to day walk of life side by side with those around us.

Just as Elizabeth our Queen has shown how gracious she can be in the spectacular, she has won the respect of her subjects and those that meet her through her daily faithful service to those she works with and meets. Once again we are inspired by a true leader and her faith.

Blessings upon you,  Revd KC