Monthly Message

There are going to be invitations sent out to the over 50’s and those in certain frontline care services, to receive a booster jab against Covid-19. How do you feel about that? Is it your right? Are you hesitating?

I find myself pausing for thought. I am aware that there has been a huge effort to make these vaccines and that I am immensely privileged to have been given two injections, for free, earlier this year.

I am also aware that many charities are calling governments to organise inoculations for countries that cannot afford to make them or buy them. The wisdom is “we are not safe until we are all safe.” And yet, the statistics are showing that some or many of the poorer countries in the world have been left behind while the richer countries have powered on, vaccinating millions. Even those who have not been enthusiastic about vaccines, like Brazil or USA, have caught up and have protected many millions of their citizens. ( is a good site to check world numbers, from Oxford University).

Imagine the Christian responses. One would guess that Love Thy Neighbour would give a powerful guide. Who is the neighbour? Well in our villages there are some folks who are still isolating and cannot return to a normal life until C19 is eliminated. So we would be right to take any vaccines in order to slow and halt the spread. However, our neighbours far away in other countries also need to be part of that protection. Should we be getting another jab when they have not had their first? Do to others as you would have them do to you might direct us to make sure everyone is given at least a first injection.

Principles for looking after the stranger, widowed and the vulnerable throughout the Bible would also require us to share vaccines. Prophets would argue that the kings (our business leaders and politicians) must use their influence to look after the weak, must not be corrupt and must thank God for their prosperity.

Then there is our personal prayer life. What have we heard God saying to us in prayer? Is what God says to you or me appropriate for anyone else? What Would Jesus Do?

What I do know is that without the people working for fairness, without our commitment to do some good, then bad things will happen. If we do our bit, no matter how small, then the wall of goodness will block out some of the bad.

Perhaps I’ll roll my sleeves up and write a couple of letters to M.P.’s before I roll my sleeves up to get jabbed.

Blessings upon you,

Revd KC